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The RBE is Rockland County’s longest tenured networking organization, first established in January 1987. Our purpose is to exchange qualified business leads and serve as a forum for sharing individual expertise. Meetings are held every other Wednesday from 7:30- 9:00 am.

One meeting per month places an emphasis on business and networking education, primarily by recruiting outside speakers or by conducting in-house development workshops.

This month’s Featured Speaker is:

“Reboot You – Small Steps to a Better You”
How to maintain your health as a busy entrepreneur

Her mission is to provide education in all areas of our lives that contribute to holistic health. Creating small sustainable change can have a massive impact on our overall health. Additionally, her mission is to take people from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the immense amount and often conflicting health advice, to feeling calm, confident and in control of their health, to avoid the chronic health conditions that seem to be taking over. Once armed with the proper information, you can be your best health advocate, learn the questions you should be asking your doctor and understand the alternatives to using a pill to cure every ill.