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New lead for John

I just saw on Facebook that Amanda Gaul is looking for an exterminator. Of course I tagged you. Hope she contacts you!

New lead for Ginny

I tagged you and Advanced DRI on the folloqing FB page: Clarkstown Community (uncensored) by Michelle Kandy: Can anyone recommend someone that can help an elderly woman with a basement that got water from the last storm? Not sure what kind of company could help. There is about an inch of water in some areas [...]

New lead for Ginny

Tagged you on a post from FB (Rockland Mommies): Faye Stein Need a Basement Waterproofing contactor: Had a previous post on contractors who can remove light mold and do waterpoofing paint on basement walls but turns out I really need a contractor who can identify the problem & correct. It could be sub pump, French [...]

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