Jacqueline Allalouf is the founder and owner of Where’s the Party- providing event staffing and coordination for private and corporate events.

Born and raised in Rockland County, Jacqueline finished college with a degree in chemistry and geography, but found her passion in events. With experience in hospitality ranging from a short lived stint as a flight attendant to working in hotels and restaurants- she channeled her love for customer service and attention to detail by creating a service focused on making every event an unforgettable event.

When not working, Jacqueline can usually be found freezing rink-side cheering on one of her two hockey-playing boys, skiing with her family, or sitting in her kitchen drinking coffee trying to figure out what she purchased on Amazon at midnight the night before.

Where’s The Party helps make your event truly special.
Having a party or an event, whether it’s a small Family Gathering or a Corporate Event, isn’t easy to do alone. Jacqueline and her crew of amazing staff help execute amazing events for people who love hosting, but want to enjoy their party along with their guests. With their combination of creativity and attentiveness, ‘Where’s The Party?’ is quickly becoming known as the go-to for event staffing.

Where’s the Party? LLC